Sunday, July 3, 2011

Walnuts in honey

On a recent trip to Hobart, I bought a jar of walnuts in honey.  So yummy on pancakes!
I'm now about to try my hand at making some.
I have some jars ready and plan to heat the honey. Any further suggestions?  Il keep you posted. 


  1. I have never seen them but they do sound delicious. I am sure warming the honey should help it infuse into the walnuts. I have no idea how long you would have to leave them. Maybe something else added like a bit of ginger or lemon might be nice.

  2. Hmmm never seen it either. I'll be interested to see how your experiments go.

  3. Hi Chris - thanks for your comments. I am on the mend although still tender and a bit sore. I guess someone rummaging around in your insides for 4 hours is going to hurt a bit! I'm sure I would feel better if I had waffles and some of those walnuts in honey!!! xxx

  4. Oh yum hopefully next time I visit you will have some for me to try :) xx