Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The water colour road

Thought you may be interested to see some of my tools and hear a little about what each medium involves.  This is my water colour table.  My little dishes for mixing paint. My beautiful brushes(. I refuse to use sable as I won't be involved in the cruel practices involved).
My travel set and a picture I'm working on.  I use high quality cold pressed paper. Will talk about paper another time.
Paper is usually taped down but this painting is dry. Thanks for dropping by. 


  1. Oops!!! The Ayer table is actually watercolour table.
    Must pay more attention to predicted text.

  2. I love watercolours but my own efforts have been dire! It is a very difficult meduim to use and you are very good at it! xxx

  3. Beautiful, yes more please. I envy you, it must be a joy to paint.

  4. Lovely chris, I think the drawing/painting gene passed me by!

  5. I would love to be able to find the time at the moment to sit paint and draw. It's a very soothing pastime, not that I'm any good at it.


  6. More please too !
    Its great to see the tools of the trade Chris, I hadn't even thought of the sable issue with brushes, something to find more out about.