Friday, July 15, 2011

I missed the exhibition opening

I missed the exhibition opening, due to some awful bug.
I'm home sleeping it off, but my husband and our friends went along.  Our friend Vince sang at the opening.  They are all at the shack working on the deck but I just can't pull it off. I'm missing a great dinner tonight too!!
Don't you just hate winter colds and flu. Hope your all ok out there. 


  1. Hi Chris, I'm sorry to see you are ill and missing all the good things, your painting looks lovely on the wall there, it was such a pity you couldn't go to the exhibition, one can never be sure from one day to the next what's going to come up. Hope you are feeling better very soon and able to go to shack, I'm sure you miss being there, it looks so calm and relaxing.

    Hugs Eileen x x x

  2. Oh you poor thing, what a shame missing the exhibition.

    Hope your snug and warm and feeling better soon.


  3. Oh no! Hope you start to feel better soon. Your painting looks great on the wall....if you are coughing ..senega and amonia works a treat! Old remedy - cheap and effective.

  4. Get well soon chris, and maybe an anti biotic wouldn't go astray you have had this long enough! Your painting looks lovely hanging at the exhibition, sorry you missed out, xxx

  5. Oh sad!
    Hopefully next time you won't be ill, that's just not fair!

  6. further to your query about my wonderful chairs acquisition...i have asked my friend...there will be another auction in the next couple of months ..dont know what will be in there but she will let me know when it is and i will let you know ...we might meet up to check out the goodies if you are still interested??? love Nettie

  7. Thanks for your concern ladies. I've spent the weekend in bed. Hopefully il feel better tomorrow otherwise il go to the Doctor.
    My youngest son brought chicken soup on Saturday. . It was so yummy and very thoughtful f Alex and his lovely partner Ellie.
    It seems the work on the shack was a great success, we now have a deck.
    All this lying around feeling I'll certainly makes one appreciate our good health.