Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oil paints

My husband gave me these Italian oils for a Christmas gift.  When my children were small I avoided oils, as I was constantly getting paint all over the house. Oils are messy but the effect is great.  I was chatting to an artist friend last weekend and both agreed that if acrylics had been around in the days of the masters we are both sure they would had been used. Would the paintings have survived for hundreds of years?  Not sure.  Time will tell.
The mixing of paint is a skill that takes a long time to master , hence the apprentices the great masters employed.
We are so lucky to have so many great products on our doorstep. All artists have their favourites and their favourite suppliers. It's a bit like cooking and craft where the tools and product make a very big difference to the outcome.
I always use the best quality just in case I produce a masterpiece!!
Have you ever painted in oils?


  1. Beautiful painting Chris, afraid I know absolutely nothing about paints, but looks like you sure do, very professional xxx

  2. Hi Chris, beautiful painting, I started painting in oils, then watercolours and acrylics, but I much prefer oil, as I can play around with it, if there's something I'm not happy with I can change it, which is not easy to do with water colours and acrylics.
    I havn't done any oil painting in a long while, due to lack of space, and solitude,I need to be on my own to paint, but good news, David will be going fishing more often now, so I may get my paints out again. Happy days, looking forward to seeing you and Chris soon. Love Eileen x

  3. Hi Eileen
    My brother David paints in oils for same reasons.
    I think I've always had so much on the go it's far easier for me to use acrylics and water colour. I've been enjoying pastels lately too.

  4. Wonderful colours Chris - your coastal scenes are always so vibrant, the oils do so well here !
    Tried oils once, and mess is the least of it !
    I heard recently you can get an oil now that washes out in water rather then turps - thats progress for you :)

  5. I'm not a painter, Chris. But I live vicariously through your beautiful creations:)