Monday, July 4, 2011

Letters from a friend

When I first left school I became a hairdresser.  A profession I remained in until was around thirty.
During this time I was befriended by one of the kindest  ladies I've ever known.  Much like a mother figure, Bev was such a great support to our family.  Over the years Bev has sent so many cards and letters.  Through all our family illness and loss.
Yesterdays letter was such a shock, as Bev wrote about a terrible car accident she and her beloved husband had suffered. My legs could hardly hold me up as I read the letter.  To think of my dear friend in this situation was unbelievable.
The letter made me stop and think that over the years people everywhere have received letters containing pain and bad news.  This was my first.
I've only ever associated letters with good news. 


  1. That's sad, I hope everyone is OK. xo

  2. How awful for you, your right, whenever you have a personal handwritten letter it is usually a joy to open and read, I do hope your friend and her husband have a speedy recovery,
    Sue Xxx

  3. Bev phoned tonight after receiving our flowers. They are fine.
    It was so nice to chat to her and know they are ok.
    She said her Catholic saints medals kept them safe.
    Great attitude.

  4. I am so glad that your friends are ok and have had a terrible shock xxx

  5. Love to Bev when you are talking to her chris xx