Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Artworks by Bella

My little grand daughter Bella has been painting with me since she was first able to hold a brush.
Bella is now 4 and soaks up my art instruction like a sponge. This week she was painting wet on wet watercolor, and immediately understood what I was on about. 
Recently when Bella was sick, all she wanted to do was paint.  I'm always happy to let her use my paints and high quality paper. I'd like nothing better than to spend more time encouraging children to paint. 
In a perfect world, I think children should paint and sing everyday. I feel we suddenly stop most of the fun things in favor of other school subjects.  Learning through play can be a life long pastime if we participate!


  1. Chris, my mum used to have us kids involved in all sorts of things. I went to an art class once a week and still have my work from that time. We did a water color wheel and learnt primary colors etc so the basics, then we got into landscapes portraits and still life. I think back to all we did as kids and ours have done so little in comparison. I did ballet, jazz, tap, brownies and girl guides and other groups. Today my son does soccer and futsal but nothing else yet. Madison has done soccer but no girly groups. Disappointing really.

  2. It was my Mum that taught me to sew and even bought me a little sewing machine. Something I will be forever thank for.

  3. Love the paintings chris, looks like Bella has your gene.
    In our little day care setting we paint, sing, read, and play play play every day! can't get enough play and children learn in a fun way. x J

  4. Naww, that's so sweet!
    And I agree with youon learning about life through other means than just normal school lessons. I think it is very important to learn skills and attributes from those around us, whomever they may be.

  5. Oh Chris, you speak my language! :)