Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Acrylics are so easy to use! They wash out in water, have a nice thick texture and can be mixed with a medium to build up heavier texture.
I recently bought some acrylics that can be used with water like watercolours. I use a cross over of brushes with acrylics. I rarely paint on board, preferring canvas.
 This painting is done in acrylics with a varnish over the top.
I really enjoy painting with my grandchildren using acrylics.
                                                     Come into the studio for tea.


  1. Beautiful painting Chris, and the Tea looks so welcoming, is that Spode I spy? I saw many pieces of Spode in Latrobe at the chocolate winter fest in a cute little antique shop, I shall return!

  2. Hi Jude
    The tea cups are from my old dinner set. They are Burleigh the same factory as the Willow pattern. I've had the dinner set for 30 years and use it often. Especially the tea cups. I love Spode Jude. Only buy it at markets and a warehouse type shop in Sydney called Victorias.

  3. Hi Chris, you are so talented I am jealous! I have painted with all mediums but don't have the time anymore. I like sketching and pastels most. Nice Teapot too ..... wonder where you picked that one up?? And I am a huge Blue & White fan - thats what I collect and I have bought different B & W dinner plates over the years and use them everyday. I have my special bits but am happy to have cheaper pieces if I like them. Thanks for popping in the other day. Cathy

  4. Stunning, yet again. You are so talented. You certainly deserve that cup of tea.

  5. I am going to have to get you to give me some painting (medium) pointers, I thought I might dabble in painting a bit, but i am probably more of a sketch kinda gal.
    I just don't know enough about how to use my paints, now that i have moved I will try to settle down and give it a go!

  6. Hi Sarah
    How about doing a weekend course. I think that would be great to get you kick started.
    Wouldn't it be nice to have an afternoon painting class.
    Pity we work!!