Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flowers in winter

These gorgeous flowers arrived on my desk today.
From grateful clients, when really it is I who is grateful for the opportunity to help them sell their home.  It made my day. Orchids and lilies.
How beautiful. 


  1. Lovely flowers chris, and the house appeals to me, it is a bit like our house. Well done. xx Jude

  2. Isn't that the BEST when people do such thoughtful things?! Pretty picture of you too:)


  3. Congratulations Chris! Lovely house - well done!

  4. Well Done Chris - its great to be appreciated in such a lovely way :)

  5. Beautiful flowers Chris, well done, another house sold!!

    The summer sales have not started yet Chris, but Im sure they will be on by the time you are here in September.

    I don't go into Cardiff very often, as I tend to get lost, it's quite a big city as you know, they had added another big shopping mall since you were over last, I bought my latest tops in Llantwit Major, just a small village near us, do you know it ?

    Love Eileen x