Monday, June 20, 2011

Impressionist watercolor

This painting is ready to go off to an exhibition.
The waterfall is in the Western Tiers behind Deloraine.
The exhibition is called wild and wonderful.
It's always great fun to participate in exhibitions and catch up with artist friends.


  1. Very nice. When is the exhibition?

  2. Beautiful sense of movement and the darkness from the valley really shows.

    So great to finally meet you Chris !

    Can you send me a note about where the exhibition is ?

  3. "wild and"wonderful" will run in George Town at the Jim Mooney Gallery in the Memorial Hall in Macquarie St. From Monday 18th to Sat 23 July.
    Presented by Lighthouse Regional Arts.
    If you pop into George Town to see the exhibition, treat yourself to a cuppa at Belles Tea Shop in Macquarie St. Best tea shop I've ever been to!!
    Open Wed to Sunday.

  4. Fabulous painting, I love the movement, really pulls you in- Enjoy your exhibition.