Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lifes luxuries

My favourite luxury is soap!  I adore beautiful soap and if and when I have spare money and feel like shopping, it's usually on soap.
My absolute favourite is French or Italian soap.
What are your luxuries?


  1. Hmm..that's hard to narrow down, I have a few! Organic imported chocolate, leather boots, retro collectables & beini's..come to mind.

  2. Sounds good!!
    I'm also a sucker for chocolate.

  3. I love soap too - I like patchouli (old hippy at heart!) and lemon. Thanks for your comment on my blog. There are several markets (in the central market hall) each week in Abergavenny - the Flea Market is every Wednesday. Interested in your Folk Festival. We've always wanted to vist Tasmania..........! Abby x

  4. Luxuries for me chris would have to be a soak in the bath with lovely smelling bath salts, a cup of english breakfast tea and of course chocolate to go with it, x

  5. Hi Chris, I love soap too, but i also can't go past beautiful material..

  6. Craig will only use ONE soap...Pears transparent. BUT, we ran out and I opened up my gorgeous bar of triple milled French soap and guess who reveled in it? I think he has another favourite now. Amazingly (or perhaps not so amazingly because we know the quality) it lasted for weeks and weeks.