Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grandma's plate

This plate belonged to my Grandmother. When it came to our house I would carefully wash it and hang it back on the wall. I loved the colour of the plate and still do  My Mother gave it to me when I married and I have enjoyed it's presence in our home ever since. A few years back I thought I recognized the old building in the distance and on closer inspection the name Tintern is printed on the back. This is a picture of Tintern Abbey in South Wales. One of the first places my husband had taken me in 1975 and every trip since. 
Here is a photo of the Abbey. The River Wye runs through the valley. The farm where we rent a cottage is only 10 minutes from this scene. It's like I was meant to go there, don't you think?


  1. Hi Chris, In my collection at home I have 4 little plates in different colors and design but made by the same maker as yours. When we relocated from Qld to Tas 4 & 1/2 years ago the only thing I broke unpacking was the red plate from the set. I was devastated because my mother in law had given them to me and I was keeping them to hand on to my daughter. However early this year I was called to a house in Trevallyn and you wouldn't believe it but amongst all the items we had on offer was a little red plate to match my set - coincidence.... not sure .... fate - absolutely!

  2. Love the story of the plate and you were definately meant to go there!

  3. I will post some photos of the beautiful ruins of Tintern Abbey.
    It is a very sacred sight.

  4. The plate is beautiful Chris, and a lovely memory, makes it so more special too :)

  5. What a lovely story to go with your treasured plate.

  6. Aren't family heirlooms just the best?! Your plate is lovely! I recently inherited several beautiful vases from my grandmother Lela Rosie ~ guess I need to take some pix and blog about them:)