Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a lovely surprise

A dear friend  and client sent these today.  She lives in Italy and we will catch up in September.
We will have four days in Venice which is close by.
I think the cup cake lady is so clever!!


  1. WOW Chris!! What a lovely "Thank You". And is it your real estate logo I see?? How clever are they! Bet they taste just as good......

  2. kawww yum !
    suppose you have a sudden increase in "friends" in the office with a load of cakes like that ;)

  3. Wow, they look lovely, any left?
    Sue X

  4. What a great thank you gift. Much better than flowers :)

  5. Oh, what a lovely surprise.

    I love cupcakes, beats a bunch of flowers, any day.

    How wonderful to be heading over to Italy and catching up with your friend.
    Bet you can't wait till September............

    Claire :}

  6. What a wonderful 'thank-you' gift. Cupcakes are always just the perfect size for a small snack, and a second helping too, if that's what the day orders. Am sure they probably disappeared pretty quickly too in a house full of boys and bands.

  7. How lovely chris, love the logo too, what a clever cupcake lady. Counting down to the holiday? I bet you are x

  8. great great, I looove it!
    thanks for sharing and greetings from Spain,