Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maggie Beers Verjuice

Last year my husband and I enjoyed a wonderful holiday in South Australia.
One of the highlights was our visit to Maggie Beers kitchen. Pictured here.
Maggie has a fantastic produce store where we bought a simple picnic lunch. Later, we attended a cooking demonstration in the kitchen (the same kitchen as tv show).
Our class was on verjuice.
I was fascinated.  We now use verjuice regularly and buy large bottles.  Verjuice is unfermented grape juice. The Romans were using it to enhance their dishes!  A good example is to remove your roast veggies 15 mins early, splash with verjuice and finish cooking.  Amazing!! 


  1. I really admire Maggie Beer's energy. She's amazing.

  2. Thank you for dropping by and for your lovely comment.That juice sounds great! :0)

  3. Verjuice sounds great. Is it sweet or sour?

  4. Lovely pics Chris, and I must get some Verjuice and give it a go, I love the painting. :)

  5. Val has asked if verjuice is sweet or sour.
    It's is neither. I would say less acidic than using lemon and milder than wine in cooking. It s amazing how it enhances flavour. It makes a refreshing drink with soda in summer.
    It keeps for ages. If you have it in the pantry and it darkens in colour it can still be used.

  6. Hi Christine, Isn't verjuice wonderful, so versatile. I had the pleasure of working alongside Maggie Beer at a charity event, many years ago. She had enough energy for both of us!!