Saturday, May 7, 2011

At the Shack

We have headed to the beach for a much needed rest!  Whilst there are still a few things to finish before we can rent our cottage to holiday makers, it's just perfect for us. This is a place to relax and unwind. The beds are so comfy and the kitchen works like a charm. We have a heat pump plus an open fire( of course) and the best part is being only a short stroll to magnificent beaches.
Thought I'd share some pics with you. 

Beautiful Low Head


  1. Beautiful Chris, it looks so inviting, you have done a great job, relax and enjoy Mothers Day , xx Jude

  2. Wow! How wonderful to have such a place to get away to...enjoy! Would love to see some photos of the beach xx

  3. Looks like a lovely place! Have a relaxing weekend! :) x

  4. It looks so inviting Chris, and the cane lounge is very special! Have a lovely time. Cathy x

  5. Hi aunty chris,
    the shack looks lovely, yes it sure has been cold this weekend.
    I enjoyed making my scarf, let me know of that girl at your work still wants a scarf like the one I made you I'd be happy to sell one to her.

  6. It is looking gorgeous! The light coming in is magical :)
    I would love to come and stay when you have it ready, would be a lovely place for a short break for my family and I :)

  7. It looks very relaxing, just lovely!

  8. Looks fabulous! Where in Wales are you coming to in September? Any chance of coming to see us?

  9. Your shack looks lovely Chris, so clean and crisp looking, and nice and bright too.

    Is it near your house? I remember being on this lovely beach with you, back in 1999.

    Happy memories !!

    Love E x

  10. It looks just sublime... and how fantastic to be so close to the beach - and what an amazing beach.

  11. Thanks for for great comments. I have a passion for Low Head.
    There are several beautiful beaches. We use them for different occasions.
    We have two beautiful lead lights and a lighthouse plus pilot station.
    By Australian standards this is very historic area and we often chat about John Batman dropping anchor off lagoon beach and dining on black swan.
    The proposed Gunns pulp mill will pump 64 thousand tons of effluent onto East beach every day. The reason I protest and I no longer support our

  12. Love the location. Being near the beach is pretty special.

  13. Great holiday home you have there....lots of beach walks,fabulous and so relaxing
    Hugs Suz x