Saturday, May 14, 2011

Snail mail treasure

This beautiful hand made card arrived this week from a dear friend I've known for 50 years.
We keep in touch and have shared great joys and deep sadness over the years.  Knowing someone who knew your family, your teachers, your neighbors is truly special.
I love the fact that we choose to keep the letters and cards going over modern technology.  My friend said this week how much she enjoys making cards and how much she loves receiving mine.
Send a card! 


  1. And it means we can keep treasures with us instead of on the laptop! Lovely card chris. x

  2. Yes old friends are great. Almost like sisters.

  3. Beautiful card! Thanks for your lovely comments, Chris. My niece actually lives in South Africa but I think you probably share the same seasons xxx

  4. Sorry Chris, I confused you with a blogger who thought my niece might live in Australia or NZ! xx