Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A broken string

My violin is one of my treasured possessions. I've broken a G string and don't have a spare, so it's off to the music shop. Think il invest in a new set and have them fitted and tuned.
I love playing my fiddle. I write tunes and songs and find this such a portable instrument. It's magic to be in a rain forest and make music.  I find it quite a spiritual experience.
Did you know that early cathedrals and churches represented forests.  The large columns soaring up to the arched roof represented giant trees and canopy soaring to heaven.


  1. gawd you're talented Chris !

    No wonder you are into the Folk Music scene with musical skills like that :)

  2. Wow Chris, you are a lady of MANY talents - I am envious!! Thank you for your comment on Lioness wants a nest, I am hoping she will come out the otherside unscathed and we all survive :). BTW Recycled Relix's sale finishes Sunday..... if you have time to pop in... take care, Cathyx

  3. Hi Chris,

    Sorry to see your broken violin, didn't know you were a composer, would love to hear your music, we will expect you to entertain us in September, with a few tunes. Uncle Eddie and Auntie Elsie produced some very talented ofspring.

    You keep surprising us all the time. !!!

    Love Eileen x