Saturday, May 26, 2012

Re-union plans

As many of you know, Low Head is my favorite place on the planet.
We lived there for many years and still have a cottage there.
10 years ago five friends decided to have a girls weekend at the Pilot Station( cottages are historic ) to farewell one of our circle of friends, Jo.
Jo and her family were off to Chile.
We gathered on the Friday evening like school kids on camp.  We had organized food, wine, activities etc.
It was a huge success and we dined on those stories for years.
Next Month, we are re living the adventure.  Jo came back, via a few years in W. A. 
The menu is organized. We have one  of the group running a class on cake stand making. We will run a book swap. Each of us will bring a tea cup and saucer to swap. Something to remind us of our friends.
We will all take time out from family, work, and life in general and review the past 10 years no doubt.  So much has happened. But for us the celebration will be that we are all still healthy and happy.


  1. what a wonderful idea and the momento of the tea cup and saucer is such a great idea..are you having it out under those great huge conifer/pines at the Pilot station???...have fun an i hope it doesn't rain on your event...(i guess your back up plan is your cottage and in doors by the log fire???)

  2. Hi Nettie
    We go to the Pilot cottage for the weekend.
    It's huge and the reason we go there is to focus on our retreat.
    We budget and share costs and because we don't go out its reasonable.