Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cup and saucer swap

In my recent blog about a reunion of friends, I mentioned we are taking a cup and saucer to swap.  This little darling seemed to suit all the lovely ladies and so became my choice.
Also on the agenda at the reunion is a cake stand workshop.  My friend Trindy and I are the cake stand fiends and will take along some plates.  These were my choice, Trindy chose lovely flowery plates.  She is the cake stand Queen.
Hope you like my bargains.  They were only a couple of dollars each. 
Il take pics of the finished stands after the workshop.
Next, we choose a book to swap.  Trindy said she has trouble parting with books so maybe the books could come home after they travel !
I'm sure, knowing us there will be mire fun ideas emerge. Il keep you posted.
Ten years ago, when we had our girls "farewell" weekend.  I  did sketching and painted a picture for each friend.
Trindy wrote a journal and bound a copy for each of us.  Shelleigh collected shells and glass and gave us a collection.  Jo took photos. 
Some of my thrifted plates for cake stand.
So you may gather, this is a gathering of wonderful friends. Can't wait!

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  1. oh how beautiful is that cup and saucer ..such a treasure to bring back memories of a beautiful reunion...i hope you are going to post pics of the day????