Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A fun Dinner

Last week, we held a dinner party for a couple of girls who are heading to Paris on an art residency. 
For me, the room is as important as the food, so French theme was set!
This print was very kindly given to me by clients last year and for this night it held centre stage.  I dragged every French related book out and included all my art books.  Little mementos I'd gathered on trips, and a gift for each guest of a photograph from Paris printed on A3.
The room was full of candles and flowers and it looked great.
We bought some fairly reasonably priced French wine.  The menu started off with Pate and champers. The main meal was a provincial style banquet which really is just another way of saying roast chook!
Desert was a yummy cake the guest of  honor brought along.
Out came all the lively crystal and china from my early married days and a French dinner party was under way.
I had such fun dressing the house.  The best part was the mad rush to tidy and polish!!
Many years ago, my husband and I entertained a great deal at home.  It seems to be something City folks don't do.  Think il get back into it!
Maybe themed nights are the way back. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening! Unfortunately DH and I are getting out of the habit of entertaining and I don't know why! lol We mainly only have our adult children round for meals.

  2. It is so much fun isn't it. I like to get my silver out every couple of dinners or so even if it is only for three of us because it keeps the silver polished longer. Besides we should have a little special in our lives at least once a month!

  3. Chris the table looks great and it would have been a great evening just because of the theme! I love theme nights and can't wait till we can entertain again (once all our boxes are unpacked!).

  4. Oh how gorgeous! We do not entertain formally enough anymore either, so much fun ! :)