Saturday, April 30, 2011

Steamed pudding

Our eldest son is up from Hobart to take his Dad golfing at Barnbougal. It's rare for us to spend one on one time with our boys as they love to catch up.
Last night it was just the three of us and I felt like I could really chat to Nick.
I cooked a roast dinner and my Mums steamed pudding. Full on calorie fest. Nick played his fantastic new guitar for us, and we shared a very nice bottle of wine.  The boys will all be here later and i'll enjoy every minute of it.  I've had a great weekend.
 The wedding was a magic start! 


  1. It sounds like a lovely weekend.

  2. Oh Chris that pudding brings back lovely memories, dear old mum she loved to bake didn't she? Glad you had a lovely get together. x

  3. Nice to have family time and what a feast! Looks great.... lucky you x

  4. I picked your blog to comment on first cause that pudding looks so great. Your dinner sounds like it was wonderful.

  5. Your pudding looks delicious Chris,and so nice to keep your mum's tradition, I'm sure it brings back very happy memories of her.
    It's so nice to have family time, our children live such busy lives, it's lovely when they take the time to come visit mum and dad.
    Hope Chris had some good rounds of golf, I'm sure he enjoyed a helping of that lovely pudding when he got back.
    x x x x

  6. it's so good to spend quality time with loved ones... Sounds like you had a real feast.. The pudding sounds yummy... :))