Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Painting and gardening over Easter

Hope you all have a safe and happy Easter. I intend to spend my days in the studio and a little gardening.
 It is great to have 4 days off work.
 Doesn't happen very often in my profession, so  I'll be making every minute count. 


  1. sounds like a good plan, enjoy your days off, I love your paintings.
    Have you ever thought to try and paint the eiffel tower??
    Kate :)

  2. Have a well earned break Chris, happy painting and gardening - although not sure on what the weather will be doing, so maybe more painting than gardening! xx

  3. Mmmmmmm I think I could do a painting of Paris Kate but it would be quite abstract.

  4. Good for you, I wondered if you would take Sat off.Have a lovely Easter.

  5. what better way to spend a long week-end !
    enjoy the studio time, and the garden :)
    Have a great Easter

  6. Enjoy Chris, I hope you get lots done and are refreshed and rejuvenated! Happy Easter. Cathy

  7. Beautiful painting Chris, enjoy your days off, time goes so quickly, I would do what the weather dictates, if it's nice do gardening, if raining and cold, do painting. Happy Easter to you all from sunny Wales.