Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rose rescue

I am sometimes offered old rose bushes, usually from people wanting to start new gardens of the no fuss variety. I always take the bushes, and feel a sense of pride when they kick off in their new surroundings. This is a bush from a very old garden. It was destined for the tip!! If you study my header picture it is the dead looking stump in the pot!!  From the same garden I have a coral colored 1950s rose flourishing against an old fence. Recycling of a different kind, but just as satisfying.  Many of my roses tell an interesting story.
Hope you are enjoying your Easter break. 


  1. It has come a long way from the dead looking plant to this wonderful colour :))

  2. I love roses. The older the plant the better the flower I think. You have done a good rescue job. Happy Easter.

  3. Wow, you really have a green thumb! The older roses usually have a strong scent.... hope yours does! enjoy, Cathy

  4. How lovely to rescue roses and so rewarding when they flower. I have a rose with a story too - I love a plant with a tale to tell!

  5. Love your story and very worthy it is too.

  6. You have lovely roses, I got the latest country style magazine and you would love the story in there on a lady and her husband who have a beautiful rose garden that resembles the north of France and it's in the hills of gippsland in Victoria. You should get the magazine u would love it, I'm sitting and reading it with a cuppa while Tom makes lasagne!
    Kate xx

  7. Thank you for becoming a follower! You obviously have very green fingers!

    Pomona x

  8. Beautiful rose Chris, it's doing well, because it feels at home in your garden !!!

  9. Hi...HAPPY EASTER...not a big lover of roses..had a fight with one when l had my first garden lol...not sure who won really!

    But yours looks a lovely colour and l am coming round to a love/hate feeling with roses. A couple in the new garden are still around...l haven't dug them up like some things lol

    Have a great holiday in the garden...more DIY for us today complete with doubts!...ooops
    Now should l share that info with Phil or not!..he will kill me l'm sure lol
    Happy Easter Hugs Suz x

  10. oops forgot to say thanks for the add to side bar and a day in front of the TV for the wedding can't wait either...going to be a wonderful day l'm sure
    Happy Easter Hugs x

  11. You have a rose hospital!!! Fantastic!! xx

  12. Well hello,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, lovely to hear from you.

    How exciting! You are my 100th follower and I would love to send you a little gift.

    Please send me your details via email.

    Well done for adopting old plants.

    We have one rose bush (that's not that old)in our garden and the previous owner has asked she can have it as it has a special meaning for her. I am more than happy to dig it up for her and put it in a pot.

    I will looking forward to when we have time to potter in the garden and put new plants in, some will be roses.

    Enjoy the rest of the Easter break.


  13. You're a rose whisperer:) Just lovely!