Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The garden studio

This lovely rose garden leads to my studio through those french doors.
In summer i paint with them open and we enjoy cups of tea on the porch looking at these beautiful roses.
This lovely garden is called Elsies garden in memory of our beautiful Mum.
The little statue in  the pic is very old, we just paint him white. My Mum asked me to call him Philip and I did.
I dont know if Jude knows that!
Soon the roses will all need to be pruned right back but at least i will be able to get in and weed then.  Its a prickly business with roses.
I love this garden, it brings me such pleasure and the perfume is divine.


  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous Christine!

  2. gardens are wonderful for renewing the soul :)) I am always amazed at how over the moon I am when i see a new bloom in my garden, and your garden would be so relaxing.
    Thanks for sharing :))

  3. What an amazing place to make art!!! So inspiring and peaceful. It is really, really beautiful and I would just love a special place of my own like that xx

  4. Beautiful Chris and even more special with "Philip" in the garden too xx

  5. The flowers are so colourful. A lovely view from your studio.

  6. You have a beautiful garden Chris, wish I was there with my camera, I would get enough snaps to make a lovely collage.

  7. It must smell devine... beautiful.

  8. Lovely garden...and great to look out onto
    Hugs Suz x