Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tickets to the Glover opening

This is my favourite night of the year!!
All the paintings there are for purchase and red dots go up very quickly.
This is Australias richest landscape prize.
I'm going to enter next year!!
It would be such a buzz to be accepted.
Our friend is in it this year!!  I wonder what type of painting will win.


  1. Good luck with your entry. And good luck to your friend this year.

  2. The Glover opening was great!!
    The winner was a young artist who must be blown away by his win.
    I saw his work last year and loved it. So congratulations Josh Foly. Well done.
    Josh was up against some very famous artists and this will be a life changing momentvfor him.

  3. What a wonderful goal - determination is a sure way to get an entry in The Glover (and get painting !)
    Wish I'd made it over to see :(