Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back into sewing

Thanks to all those bloggers who have inspired me to drag out my sewing machine!
I'm busy making drapes for the shack. I'm using up a roll of fabric I've had for many years, double lining them. I think they will hang very nicely.  The walls are chalky white so should look beachy.  As it's been a while I've decided to do a little each day  I'm up to the hems on bedroom one!. 


  1. I did a little sewing last week, made a doona cover..with matching pillow slip.. I was rather pleased with my self..
    LOL.. But there is so much more to do .. Like 4 quilts that need to be machine quilted.. One day they will be finished ..
    Hope the sun in shining in on your table :))

  2. Hi Chris. You have a very pretty blog ~ lovely pictures! Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog; I will do the same for you:) Looking forward to reading many more of your posts!

  3. Thanks ladies!!
    I'm really enjoying the curtain making, but still hate that part where you measure hems. I think it's all about space and the floor still seems to be the go!
    I'm almost finished bedroom one. If you saw pics of this shack before we started, you would hardly recognize it today. Our Dear friends Marge and Vince are in partnership on this shack, so we all have jobs. It's great fun. When it's finished we will hire it out to holiday makers.