Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shack renovations

The new sink is in and won't be long before we can use our new kitchen.
We have been washing up in a bowl for months!
This little shack is such a sunny place.
We found out this week the name Elonera which we have kept is Aboriginal and means place of happy children.


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  2. You wont know yourself, I still wash up in a bowl, It is on a list of to do's.. Maybe next summer :))
    What a lovely name for your shack, "the place of happy children".. You can hear the them playing and laughing..:))

  3. Hi i agree it is a gorgeous name for the shack! Your kitchen looks nice and bright :)

  4. What a lovely name Chris, and I'm sure your little grand-children will make it come true! Can't wait for a girls weekend away there. x Jude