Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little piece of Paris at my place

In 2009 I collected these cute little yoghurt pots from our Hotel in Paris.  I couldn't bear to see them thrown out, so we washed them and stuffed them with socks and carried them home.
They make me smile and think of beautiful Paris.
Funny how some things worthless can mean so much.  To me these are priceless.


  1. Oh how pretty, and they sure beat plastic! what a great way to show off your lovely roses too. :)

  2. They are very cute jars. It is so nice to have things in front of us that bring back pleasant memories.

  3. Hi Chris! Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment. Paris is one of my favourite places too....I studied art history and so spent time in Paris looking at paintings. I also went there for my 40th birthday (not for my recent 50th sadly!). Your display looks beautiful xx

  4. Gorgeous little yoghurt pots
    kate xx