Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Grateful Box/Wedding anniversary

On a recent trip to Melbourne. My husband and I found an Eco market with lots of exciting stalls, lectures etc.
Standing alone was a grateful box!
People could type ( on an old typewriter) a grateful message, then nail it to the box which looked like a telephone box. The typewriter was inside the cubicle.  Some people enjoyed reading the messages others queued to type. Everyone smiled.
A lovely moment in a big city.
It was our wedding anniversary and I felt moved to write this message.

This lovely ring was my husbands gift for our 40th anniversary. He gave it to me in St Pauls Catherdral Melbourne.
Here I am lighting a candle.
A very special moment.


  1. Wow Chris! Congrats to you both!!

  2. Gorgeous post. Congratulations on your anniversary too x

  3. 40 years - fantastic, I love your ring, and the grateful box is such a lovely idea. I too would have to say I am grateful for a wonderful husband and family. xx

  4. Hey Aunty Chris,
    What a lovely idea! love the ring too, it's always good to learn something new, Melbourne sure have some interesting things on.
    Kate xx

  5. How lovely! The ring is beautiful too :-)