Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Strawberry Jam

Jam making is one of my favourite kitchen pleasures. Today I decided to make a couple of jars using strawberries from the market and add some Cointreau we bought duty free.
All trial and error but great fun. I'm pleased to report it tastes wonderful.
Our youngest son has wonderful fruit trees in their garden, so next jam will be plum! Can't wait. Do you like making jam? What is your favourite?


  1. Oooh, I love making jam. I'm prett new to the process and so far have only made strawberry (though about 50 jars!). Hoping the upcoming berry season will bring lots of black and blueberries so that I can try them as jam!


  2. i do LOVE making jams too...nothing like making it from frozen berries in those colder months as well...capturing and returning those aromas of summer are just gorgeous in a winter kitchen...brings back the summer to warm the bones, even if it is just for a moment,...plus if you are cash strapped on time in the summer months, the fruit is frozen in time just waiting to be turned into jam when you have the time...Yes i love making jam...ps try adding ginger to your plums...super gorgeous!!!!!

  3. mmm yummo to your strawberry jam! I have never made jam before but it looks so tempting, we bought some locally made jam this morning and mum whipped up some scones to go nicely with it!

  4. I love to eat it :))
    Today the chef is making preserved peach juice..
    Will be a great drink mixed with mango juice..or better still champagne.. can't wait..

  5. Your garden picture on your page is absolutely stunning! Very lucky to look at that everyday.

  6. Odd to look at your strawberries when they seem so far away here in our late winter! Would love a bit of your sunshine but must remember that spring in not far away up here now.

  7. Hi chris

    I hope you are enjoying my blogs around NZ, we really are having the best time, what a country, too beautiful to describe. :)