Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jam making

Our son has a massive apricot tree, yummy apricot jam making this week.  We will pick more and freeze some stewed apricots.  I'm so tempted to buy one of those drying machines.  Does anyone have experience with these?
Our folk festival next weekend. See the tab at the top of my page.  Love to see you there!


  1. Re the drying machine chris, my friend had one but only used it once,not sure why, but I know she did enjoy the dried tomatoes when she ate them. :)

  2. I love apricots. My tree is very small in a pot and nurtured through the winter but if I ever get an apricot on it I will be delighted.

  3. How lucky to have an apricot tree..
    We have a dehydrater, and use it often in the summer..
    Have dried cherries, toms, plums,grapes,pineapple.. and some vegies...
    So nice to eat them during the winter :))

  4. i love my food are welcome to borrow mine if you want to try is easy and the electricity it uses is minimal....just give me a call or an email.

  5. Just came across your blog and I like it. Your garden is gorgeous, cannot wait to see more. Greetings from the US...Heidi