Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beach fun

Beach Fun
As a glorious week at the beach cottage ends, I am reflecting on the sunny days filled with fun.
Visits from friends and family.  Grandchildren and family dogs keeping us fit and happy.  Rides on our scooter to the lighthouse and remote beaches  Good books, fresh food,
New years Eve in the garden with friends, standing on the beach in the moonlight for New year.
We head back to work and into the final preparation for the festival refreshed and happy.
How was your week?
Three new rescued roses today! A busy evening tomorrow, planting. X


  1. It sounds delightful.

    Lighthouses, remote beaches, books, food, magic to my ears.

  2. A glorious couple of weeks to have a shack Chris !
    Amazing weather for the coast.
    Hope your roses make it through the heat.

  3. Love the bike, have a great time in the next couple of weeks at the festival, if last years was anything to go by it will be fantastic. xx