Sunday, October 23, 2011

Op shop treasure

Working in George Town Friday pm and noticed these little babies in the Vinnies window.  A dear soul has knitted layettes for them. I had to bring them home! Only $6 each.
I love them and think they may have to stay here.
The wool is so beautiful.
Please don't think I'm greedy. I work hard to raise money for Christmas charities  so I know lots of children are in need.  


  1. They are so cute Chris, and I can imagine how much fun your little grandchildren will have when they see them. They have gone to a great home :)

  2. They are definitely lovely, and so much work has gone into them.

  3. They are just gorgeous Chris, what a find and it's nice that they will go to a home where they will be loved and the effort appreciated.

    Claire :}