Monday, October 24, 2011

Beautiful Venice

Hi everyone, sorry its taken me so long to blog but to be honest ive been
quite tired since arriving home!
We were away a month and enjoyed two weeks in beautiful Wales, 6 days in
Cornwall then four days in Venice before spending two fun days in London on
our way home.
Im now into the swing of things and ready to start enjoying blogging again.
I must say I missed you all and thought how much Id like to share our
wonderful holiday.
Here I am in Venice. A most beautiful city with her fading grandeur, crowds
and  magical colours, it is impossible to think you will never see her
On this visit we just wandered and discovered. We bought tickets to the
Opera and drank coffee in famous coffee houses.
I think the magic of Venice is that there are no cars, all transport is by
boat. Whether its transporting goods, a funeral, a wedding, or bus, its all
on water.
The cost of everything would have to be the most expensive in Italy but I
guess its so unique those who provide service take their opportunity.
We found a very reasonable hotel and wandered off the beaten track a little
to eat, so I think we did ok.
Its an exciting place to buy trinkets and glass and quite a few presents.
We had a lovely side trip on the train to Verona which is such a beautiful
town with a really well preseved Coluseum and of course Juliets balcony.
Watching the tourists pose on the balcony was fun and I was imagining how
exciting this would be for young lovers.
We enjoyed a beautiful meal in a street café in Verona. One crazy mistake
was accidently jumping on the Euro Star first class train instead of the
Regional train.
The result was an extra 50Eu!!
I still haven't down loaded my pics but my husband took this one. So here I am
in beautiful Venice.


  1. It all sounds so pretty chris, and what beautiful memories, and the pic of you is usually just something I see in a magazine! amazing :) xx

  2. What a great trip can't wait to see some more photos.

  3. Lucky you to have traveled to such a beautiful place! Looking forward to seeing more pix:)