Saturday, August 6, 2011

My favourite car in our city

I was sitting next to a couple in a cafe on Friday and the man wore a beret.  I thought to myself"bet he drives a French car"!! This little beauty was sitting outside. I smiled as I strolled to my Citroën c3 a modern version.  I'm mad about French cars.  


  1. I adore them too much to Craig's chagrin. I really covet his car. I have a thing for Renault too but I am not allowed to own any because they are too hard and expensive to work on. Well the men in my family are now finding that the ordinary Holden Astra (made in Germany I might add) is really difficult to source parts because they are manufactured ALL OVER Europe!Hah!

  2. I'm mad on the ol' Morris 50 - but a Citroen would do.
    And the man in the beret is in fact a local artist - forgot his name but he does modern buidling arcrylics - had an exhibit up at Ritchies Mill last year - Tanya would remember him from the ETSY party :)

  3. Just imagine that parked in your driveway chris, you would be fighting chris to drive it though! :)

  4. Oh, you were right, Chris! Hehe... Your find is actually a cutie! ^^ Everybody's mad about something! It's just that cars are some of the most gorgeous things ever made. Hybrid, vintage, French or whatever kind of car, there will always be people digging for those!

    --Flavia Casumpang