Monday, November 14, 2011

The Dublin Bay rose

This gorgeous rose was my Dads favourite. It's blooming at the moment and I think of him every time I water or admire them. I think it's wonderful that flowers connect with memories.  Do you have special roses at your place.? 


  1. When my girlfriend was diagnosed with a terrible and terminal cancer we created a corner in my garden, words unspoken but we knew this would be a corner of my world where she remained. We planted cuttings from her house and we shopped at a nursery with me earnestly seeking her advice. After she died I retrieved a sculptural piece from her garden that I had given her long ago called "circle of friends" and it gives me great comfort.

  2. At first I just thought "wow, pretty." Now I'm kinda sad, I've never really thought about the meaning of a plant, as I personally haven't had any plants in my life that give me fond memories such as these. Though I am now starting to suspect that it will be the same for me with purple Irises for my Mum and maybe Calla Lilies for her Mum and definitely Proteas for my other Grandmother.
    It's amazing how quickly I just thought of those connections.

  3. Hey Chris, I have a lovely rose called Mother's Love which my mum bought for me. She also bought my two sisters the same rose and obviously I think of her all the time. I even scattered some of her ashes beneath it. It's not at all morbid as she loved gardening, she had a very green thumb.

    It's lovely that you have your dad's favourite rose growing. My dad enjoyed his vegie garden. Neither he nor mum could agree on how 'to do' things in the vegie garden so they each had their own, hehe.......

    Claire :}

  4. I think they are even more special when you plant them for someone, it always makes me feel happy xx

  5. how nice, Grandad would love that!
    Kate xx